There is a story of redemption happening in Myanmar right now.

For roughly 75 years (1948-present day), Myanmar has been closed to the Gospel and experienced a myriad of civil wars and military rule. The nation opened briefly only to be plunged into increasing chaos caused by COVID-19 and a military coup staged on February 1, 2021.

While the situation seems bleak to the rest of the world, we are seeing the Burmese Church arise and people respond to hope found in Jesus like never before in this nation’s history.

We believe the holistic Gospel has the power not only to change individual lives but to transform a nation.

It is God’s appointed time for Myanmar.

Our Heart for Myanmar

Here I am.
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Isaiah 6:8

"God, if there's a dream on your heart that no one else is picking up, then dream your dream through me."

~ Jimmy Seibert - Founder, Antioch Movement

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